Big Brother Is Watching You…

The eyebox2

Tracking eyeball movements, is not just to catch terrorist’s anymore, it is used in tracking the effectiveness of advertising.  More and more advertisers are looking for results, thus measurement tools have to adapt to fit the needs of the modern advertisement. 

 Along comes the eyebox2, the portable device uses a camera that monitors eye movements in real time and automatically detects when you are looking at it from up to 10 meters away.  As out of home, and ambient advertising grows the eyebox2 wants to be an cheap and effective way to track the impact of the ads.  This  tool can be an effective way to track ads such as plasma displays, supermarket advertising, billboards, vending machine signs and other out of home advertising mediums.

 Dr. Vertegaal the inventor of this device is a associate professor at Queens University, and the founder and CEO of Xuuk, Inc. the company that produced this product.  It can be purchased for the very low price of $999.

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