Greg Oden a Magnet to Advertisers


The NBA Draft is being held tonight 6/28/07 at the WaMu Theater in Madison Square Garden and I hope to be in attendance at the event.  You can expect fans, sports agents, team representatives, and yes advertising executives to all be present at this years draft.  The current draft class hopes to be a promising one among advertisers because of big names like Greg Oden and Kevin Durant.

 The main attraction will be the 7-foot-tall Greg Oden of the Ohio State Buckeyes who will be the first overall pick unless something drastic occurs.  As mentioned in an earlier post, Kevin Durant has already signed major deals including one with EA sports.  Greg Oden on the other hand has signed bigger and better deals.  Mr. Oden has already signed deals with Nike, Spalding, Take Two Interactive, and Raymond Weill. (He will be wearing a Raymond Weill watch at the NBA draft.)

 Greg Oden seems especially ecstatic with the Nike Deal as he says in his personal blog:

 “I am officially a part of the Nike Family. It feels so good to have all of that taken care of. The deal is really good for a big man, the biggest rookie big man deal. I’m very proud of that, but to be honest I really just like their shoes.

 There will be tons of partnerships and major deals in young basketball stars future.  Enjoy the draft!

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