About The Blog


Advertising is everything, we are blinded and fed millions of advertisments yearly.  It is known that the average American views anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand advertisments/informational messages DAILY!  Some research puts the number at 3000+ informational messages a day.  These messages consist of advertising in the public outdoors to advertising in our private homes and offices. 

There is nothing as privacy when it comes to advertising.  We can never escape the advertising machine.  We are so saturated with advertising that we are immune to its effect on our concious and our culture.  This is a mistake, we need to be aware of advertising and learn from it.  After all the world revolves around advertising, everything is advertising, we need to appreciate it.

 In this blog I, a rookie to the advertising world, hope to shed some light on interesting stories and events in the world of advertising.  And hope to show how some agencies and marketers are trying to escape the clutter and engage their audience in new and meaningful ways.

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