Oversaturation? The GEICO Cavemen

Cavemen CastGEICO Cavemen Crib

The GEICO cavemen became a hit almost overnight.  The whole series of 30 second GEICO commercials are based on Cavemen who live in modern society getting agitated with homosapiens who treat them as unintelligent and idiotic.  Along comes ABC, they notice this entertaining concept and view it as a money making machine.  ABC plans to pay for the pilot and the making of the show called Cavemen which will supposedly air on ABC’s fall schedule.

Whether or not this show will be a hit remains to be seen.  But how long can this concept stay funny? How long can a Neanderthal Cavemen who gets offended by prejudice against its species, stay funny? Why does GEICO, who gave permission and will get a royalty check for ABC’s use of their characters, have to ruin such a good advertising idea with oversaturation?  Who knows?

Here is what GEICO’s VP of Marketing Ted Ward had to say about the idea:

 “We are excited to have an opportunity to do brand extension.”

Sure this sitcom will serve as a brand reminder.  But at what cost?

Below is a video clip of the show:

Also created by GEICO is an entertaining website dedicated to the GEICO Cavemen, in this site a user can interact with the GEICO cavemen and their crib.  You the user are an early arrival to a party, but you can walk around their bedroom, bathroom, read their books, watch their television, listen to their voicemail, (one of the messages is from girl who seems like a caveman stalker!), and finally read their blog.  Check it out, can be entertaining for a few minutes.

GEICO Cavemen Crib




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Storm before the calm…

Steve Jobs and the iPhone

Steve Job’s felt generous and gave ALL of Apple’s 18,000 plus employees the high-end model of the Apple iPhone which currently costs $600 dollars.  This $11 million dollar gesture by the CEO of Apple is not a a big deal considering the launch of the iPhone generated around $400 millions dollars worth of free advertising

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Network’s Reject “Poopy-In-Your-Pants” Advertisment

ABC, CBS, and NBC rejected a ad from Generix Labs poking fun at its diet pill rival alli.  The ad basically shows a character “soiling” her pants after taking the alli diet pill.

The quote from CBS on the matter of why they rejected the advertisement is classic:

“We believe that the extended discussion and depiction of excrement fails to meet a premium standard of good taste and may offend a significant portion of our audience”

All said and done, this particular advertisement was a hit and might have been a great marketing decision.  The controversy surrounding the ad has increased viewership of the spot on video sharing websites such as YouTube.  Personally, after watching the ad I dont blame the networks for their actions.

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The Brand Gap

A Brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.

A great and long presentation by Marty Neumeier on Branding and the truths and myths of Branding.  Other great presentations can be found at SlideShare.

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Visa Wins the Bid to Sponsor the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup

Visa and FIFA

After winning a long legal battle Mastercard, Visa will sponsor the 2010 and 2014 FIFA world cup.  The sponsorship will cost Visa approximately $200 million dollars.

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MySpace Plans to Launch MySpaceTV


The social networking giant MySpace plans will launch a beta version of its video site to go head-to-head against YouTube.  According to MySpace, when YouTube first launched MySpace was it’s largest source of traffic mainly because of embedded YouTube videos on MySpace pages.  Now MySpace plans to get into the user generated video market full on.  As the GM of Video at MySpace Jeff Berman said:

 “This is the next step in the evolution of video on MySpace.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

It looks like the MySpace and Google war is picking up steam.


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Greg Oden a Magnet to Advertisers


The NBA Draft is being held tonight 6/28/07 at the WaMu Theater in Madison Square Garden and I hope to be in attendance at the event.  You can expect fans, sports agents, team representatives, and yes advertising executives to all be present at this years draft.  The current draft class hopes to be a promising one among advertisers because of big names like Greg Oden and Kevin Durant.

 The main attraction will be the 7-foot-tall Greg Oden of the Ohio State Buckeyes who will be the first overall pick unless something drastic occurs.  As mentioned in an earlier post, Kevin Durant has already signed major deals including one with EA sports.  Greg Oden on the other hand has signed bigger and better deals.  Mr. Oden has already signed deals with Nike, Spalding, Take Two Interactive, and Raymond Weill. (He will be wearing a Raymond Weill watch at the NBA draft.)

 Greg Oden seems especially ecstatic with the Nike Deal as he says in his personal blog:

 “I am officially a part of the Nike Family. It feels so good to have all of that taken care of. The deal is really good for a big man, the biggest rookie big man deal. I’m very proud of that, but to be honest I really just like their shoes.

 There will be tons of partnerships and major deals in young basketball stars future.  Enjoy the draft!




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